COVID-19 Update (30 June 2020)

Staff are now returning to work due to customer demand. We have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment for all visitors and staff at our training centre, ensuring a safe and protected environment.

DVSA practical tests will be available from the middle of July. Contact Joe Dalton on 01392 42 62 42 to book you place.

We are also getting busy on construction and agricultural plant, forklift and other types of training. Driver CPC is still being offered online at a greatly reduced price.

Car & Trailer Training

Our training centre in Exeter is perfectly set up to provide you with a great opportunity to pass your car and trailer (B+E) driving test. With our off-road training area and professional experienced staff we are recognised as a leading provider in the south-west giving our customers the best opportunity to pass the DVSA test first time.

Not only are we situated on the same estate of the DVSA test centre we also offer use of our vast flat tarmac off-road area situated on-site for training, reversing practice, coupling/uncoupling and other aspects of the course. That means you do not waste any time travelling time off test routes driving to off-road areas. During your course you are welcome to come in early (free of charge) to practise if you wish because our excellent first time pass rate is paramount to us.

Booking and Information

To book your training or for more information please get in touch using the details below.


01392 42 62 42

Weekdays 9am-5pm

What we offer

At Trans Plant Mastertrain our main focus is always the customer, therefore we invite all candidates to our unique training centre for a free assessment drive utilising our off-road reversing area so we can tailor all courses to each individual’s needs. We are confident that our charge for the course is extremely competitive and because of that are prepared to match any ‘like for like’ quotation.

  • Free assessment drive
  • Bespoke courses to suit your needs
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent first time pass rate
  • Unique training centre with off-road facilities onsite
  • Free parking
  • Waiting room, rest room, lockers for your personal belongings,restaurant on-site
  • Excellent customer service
  • Experienced, qualified instructors
  • Revision booklet
  • Unbiased, informative advice and guidance
  • Local independent training company understanding your needs with over 25 years experience.

To book a car and trailer training course, a free assessment drive or for further information please call us on 01392  42 62 42 or email

Do I need car and trailer training?

Category B (Car) allows you to drive a vehicle with up to 8 passenger seats or a goods vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes.

Category B (Car) entitles you to tow a trailer providing the combined weight of the car & trailer does not exceed 3500kgs or if the towing vehicle has a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM)of 3500kgs the trailer must not exceed 750kgs.

Question – Our caravan/trailer weighs more than 750kgs. Can I still tow?  Yes, but this is where you need to find the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle and its Unladen Weight (ULW). The rules say that a trailer more than 750kgs can be towed providing the trailer’s maximum weight does not exceed the ULW of the towing vehicle and that the total combined vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

If your combination goes over 3.5 tonnes the driver will need Category B+E. With B+E endorsed on your licence, your vehicle and trailer can be over 3.5 tonnes.

Car & Trailer Training Booking and Information

To book your training or for more information about Car & Trailer Training please get in touch using the details below or visit our Contact Page.


01392 42 62 42

Weekdays 9am-5pm

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