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There’s never been a better time to think Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are an effective training tool for new and existing employees of all ages, from 16 upwards.

You may want to recruit and train an Apprentice, to become a valued member of your team, or you might want to offer a current employee a professional qualification and training to help them progress in their role and within your company.




Could apprenticeships work for your business?

Of course, feel free to pop in anytime between 8am-5pm – Monday to Friday to meet one of our friendly team. Or call on 01392 426242 – option 2.


Cost-effective recruitment and training

There is funding available for all ages of apprentice. Young workers, aged 16-18, receive full course funding, and you only pay 5% of the course price for apprentices aged 19+ – which is as little as £150 per apprenticeship programme! If your company is taxed the Apprenticeship Levy, you can re-invest these funds back into training your team.

Find out more about the Apprenticeship Levy, and how you can invest the pot back into your organisation, with our guidance and support by calling us on 01392 426242 – option 2.

If you recruit a 16-18 year old you will receive a £1000 grand incentive, paid over two payments.

We take the hassle out of recruitment

We will take away the stress of administration, offer guidance and advice to get you started, and provide you with ongoing support.

You will have a dedicated account manager, as well as one-point-of-contact for training. You will be able to track your apprentices progress through OneFile.

OneFile employer guide below:


Already have apprentices with trans plant master train and have a cause of concern or a reason to celebrate success?

Recognising success is really important to us, however small or large. We would love to share and champion these examples for all to see if of course they consent. Feel free to email, call or text us through the following channels:



Communication is everything when it comes to relationships within apprenticeships. We want to support you throughout the entire journey. If any aspect does not meet your satisfaction then please email or call Jordan Priddis (Centre and Learner Experience manager) on jordan@transpalntltd.co.uk or on 01392 426242. Failing that, speak to our Quality Assurance manager Bradley Goldsworthy at brad@transpalntltd.co.uk or on 01392 426242. Our complaints procedure is avaliable on the link below as well:

Compliments and Complaints Policy



Already an employer with transplant? A link to our tracking system OneFile 


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