There’s no better time than now to get your lorry licence

It is not new in hearing of the shortage of lorry drivers in the UK transport profession. Some 34 million people are employed in the UK, and while this figure continues to rise, in our sector it is declining.

The skills shortage is directly impacting on more than 7 million people who are employed in the production, selling and transportation of goods and people. It is imperative that operators, SME’s, retailers, government, trade associations and other membership bodies work together in advertising and promoting to the next generation.

Our profession is in danger of grinding to a halt. Also compounding the problem is an ageing workforce. No business can afford to incur unnecessary costs or delay to deliveries or service because of the lack of trained staff.

Here at Trans Plant we offer all types of lorry driver training and the opportunity of financial packages, also for employers we offer apprenticeships in Logistics allowing apprentices to gain their lorry licence.

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