Six tips on how to become a more economical driver

The RHA have drawn up some top tips on how to become a more economical driver. The quick and easy top tips could make all the difference to your driving and fuel efficiency.

  1. Anticipate the actions of other road users.- Forward observation and anticipation is key. Spotting hazards early to avoid sharp braking will smooth out the ‘stop-go’ of driving especially in built up areas. Physics show us that lots of energy is used to accelerate, so by not pushing down on the accelerator so often the fuel consumption will reduce.
  2. Slow down using momentum – A modern vehicle will use less fuel if you remain in the right gear.
  3. Speed – Air resistance or drag increases as the vehicle’s speed increases, so whenever a lorry speeds up, air resistance increases too. Fitting wind deflectors to your lorry can reduce drag and keeping the rev counter in the green band will also use less fuel.
  4. Keep your tyres inflated – Under inflated tyres increase rolling resistance, therefore the engine has to work harder.
  5. Don’t overuse air conditioning – this takes its power from the engine and increases fuel consumption. Once the internal temperature has been reduced, an air conditioning system doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain the lower temperature. Do not use your air condition with your windows open.
  6.  Engine Idling РStudies into the amount of fuel used by cars when their engines are idling and the fuel used when engines are turned off and then back on, suggest its better to turn your engine off if you are not moving but always make sure it is safe and practical to switch off. As a guide line, if you are going to be stationery  for 10-20 seconds turning off your engine will save fuel.

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