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We said a fond farewell and moved out of our main Office / Reception on Friday 02 December 2022.

Those of you who have come into Trans Plant Mastertrain to train with us before will know our Office and Reception to be situated @ the front of the building. Well, we have recently made the business decision to relocate our Office to the back of the building within the instructors building.

One of the main purposes for this move is to enable better communications within the business and we particularly feel more efficient running between the Office and our LGV training instructor’s.

We shall look forward to welcoming you as usual, but you will now need come to the back of the building (instead of where the Office was before).

The vacant Office space will then be utilized to become another classroom area, which we believe will be beneficial for the various courses that we hold here @ Trans Plant Mastertrain.

Logistically this will all seem quite different to you at first but do bear with us while things are in transition.

Thanks for your support !!

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