New Hazards Perception Clips

As from today (19th November 2018) new hazard perception clips will be added to the Hazard Perception Tests for learner drivers of cars. This will roll out to the LGV Hazard Perception Test in the new year.

The hazard perception part of the theory assesses the ability to spot ‘developing hazards’. Within the theory test, you have to spot developing hazards in 14 video clips. Points are awarded for spotting the developing hazards as soon as they start to happen and this has not changed. The clips now include scenarios including driving in fog, rain, snow and ice and wind. Some new clips also show driving at night and in low-light conditions, like dawn or dusk. In total there are 23 new video clips added. These changes have been recognised and as a company we give full training and support for those booking their driver training with us.

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