‘Keeping the wheels rollin’

We are an equal opportunities company who pay great attention and regard to safeguarding for everyone at work and we treat every new driver the same whether male or female.


All of our instructors are very professional in every way possible, they enjoy being able to get new drivers through our courses and often see a test failure as a personal disappointment to themselves. Our instructors have considerable driving hours and experience to pass on to our trainees, so they know the importance of getting it right every time.


We are extremely pleased that our efforts to be all inclusive with the training at Trans Plant Mastertrain has been reflected in the outcome of these new drivers being able to ultimately gain excellent positions of employment driving for various uk companies, such as haulage, commercial and horse trailers etc.


Here are a couple of recent reviews from female candidates:

I did my C+E last week my instructor was extremely patient with me and adapted to how I would learn best. The whole week was made really fun and full of laughter, I was gutted it had to come to an end. I can’t recommend them enough.

Highly recommend these for training! Came here through my employer Fowler Welch, passed 2nd time but everyone there is amazing, so good and supportive! High standards and pass rates


This is fantastic news for Trans Plant Mastertrain, giving us the feeling that we must be doing something really good here, by keeping the wheels rolling for the country and making our contribution by continuing to bring females into the industry of LGV driving.


The haulage company estimates that there is a shortfall of up to 100,000 HGV drivers, yet only between 1% and 3% of truckers are female.


If you feel LGV driving means long hours at the wheel and stopping at laybys overnight in poorly lit roads think again. Because road users (especially lorries) have higher standards of facilities, lighting and security at stops throughout the country than ever we have had before. Some services are even open 24 hours to enable you to be better catered for with secure parking, shower facilities and modern facilities to hand. Rugby is one fantastic example of a new (recently opened) motorway service station on the M6 that among many other facilities even has a gymnasium to offer.


Taking up a career with a company LGV driving can truly offer you considerable independence and a great variety of work. Why not give us a ring so that we can give you the opportunity to do your LGV training in a safe environment fit for everyone – whether male or female all ages (18yrs and upwards) we want to see you – come drive with us and see for yourself !!

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