Happy birthday wooden pallets

The wooden pallet is still as versatile and sustainable as it was 60 years ago. Pallets allow products to be batched up, loaded and transported easily and safely. Not only so versatile and useful but   environmentally friendly and very economical. It is no surprise that wooden pallets hold 90% of the pallet market. Principles of reducing, reusing and recycling; cutting emissions and favouring sustainable materials such as wood are becoming central to the policies made in the EU. Pallets can be easily repaired expanding there lifespan considerably and often for many years. It was reported in 2019 nearly 50 million wooden pallets were repaired which was a growth of 5% from the previous year. After there life as a pallet pallets are recycled from creating garden furniture and garage shelving to panels and composite blocks made into animal bedding or even sent to biomass generators for renewable energy. There are an estimated three billion wooden pallets in use within the EU with an annual production of around 500million.

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