Elf & Safety

I am sharing with you some of the unfortunate statistics that occur relating to the festive season. As one of the awarding bodies we are approved with to ensure a comprehensive service Qualsafe has provided us with the following:

Around 600,000 people have burned themselves roasting chestnuts over an open fire.

2.6 million people have fallen off a stool or ladder while hanging their decorations.

From a study conducted on 2000 people, nearly 20% have cut themselves whilst preparing vegetables for their Christmas dinner.

Around 700,000 people have been injured during a sale rush when Christmas shopping

A number of people break their arms as a result of pulling Christmas crackers

Around a 1000 people are injured by their Christmas tree while fixing decorations to higher branches

So please take care over the festive season and look after your elf!

Our office will be closed on Friday 21st December and will be open again Wednesday 2nd January. May I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable festive break and thank you to all of our customers.


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