COVID-19 Update (30 June 2020)

Staff are now returning to work due to customer demand. We have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment for all visitors and staff at our training centre, ensuring a safe and protected environment.

DVSA practical tests will be available from the middle of July. Contact Joe Dalton on 01392 42 62 42 to book you place.

We are also getting busy on construction and agricultural plant, forklift and other types of training. Driver CPC is still being offered online at a greatly reduced price.

Driver CPC after Brexit

The DVSA have announced that you still need Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to drive professionally in the United Kingdom after Brexit, including if there is a no deal Brexit. You must still complete your Driver CPC by your deadline. The UK will still recognise Driver CPC qualifications from EU countries after Brexit. The UK will not recognise UK Driver CPC qualifications if there is a no-deal Brexit for: UK drivers working for UK companies from 1 January 2020 and UK drivers working for EU companies from 31 October 2019

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