Christmas Table Trivia

  1. In what year was the driving licence introduced?
  2. What was the cost for the first driving licence?
  3. In 1931 what did the Highway Code suggest you do before overtaking?
  4. What year was the first driving test taken?
  5. What year was the Lorry licence introduced
  6. What year were safety helmets made compulsory when riding motor bikes?
  7. What year was Driver CPC introduced?
  8. The advice for horse drawn vehicles when turning was a) put your right or left arm out, b) rotate your whip above the head of the horse, c) lean to the left or right and shout turning?

1.1903  2. 5 shillings(25p)  3. Sound your horn  4. 1935 by Mr. Beere costing 7/6d (37.5p) 5. 1934 6.1973  7. Sept. 2009 8. rotate your whip above the head of the horse

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