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We have dramatically reduced our training services but pleased to still offer some training. We can arrange for "critical DVSA tests" for all LGV drivers, including ambulance drivers. We are also able to offer Driver CPC courses online and at a greatly reduced rate.

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1 in 5 new drivers crash within their first year

Because of the statistics that 20% of new drivers have an accident within their first year of driving the Department of Transport has announced that it is looking into graduated driver licensing or a similar scheme. It could put restrictions on new drivers, such as a minimum learning period, no night driving for a period, or not driving with passengers under a certain age in the car. It is a statistic that needs attention and changes are needed to help reduce this number and improve road safety.

Graduated licensing schemes already operate in New Zealand, Sweden and parts of other countries including New York and California in the United States of America. Previously these schemes have been rejected due to concerns that it would adversely affect the ability of young people to get on with life which could restrict education and jobs.

Motor cyclist in the UK have a similar scheme to graduated driver licensing as young bikers are restricted to less powerful bikes.

Currently new drivers have had some changes already to the test which includes the use of a satellite navigation section within the test and motorway driving. At present new drivers have their licence revoked if they accumulate six points on their licence i.e. two speeding fines or using their mobile phone while driving.

It is a startling statistic and providing the right adjustments are made while considering the detrimental effect for young drivers will make our roads safer.

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