Frequently Asked Questions

If the information you are looking for isn’t here or you’d like to discuss your requirements further, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to us directly.


How can I pay for my course?
You can pay by cash, cheque, BAC’s or over the telephone using a debit or credit card.

We can also offer flexible payments so you can spread the cost after you have completed your training.

When will I pay for my course?
We take a deposit to book all training and tests, however the amount varies depending on course and preferred method of payment for balances.

If you are paying by cash/card/cheque or BAC’s we will require full payment prior to commencement of training.

If you use wish to take advantage of a flexible payment option we will agree a payment schedule when booking your training.

How do I find out if I am eligible for a loan?
Contact our office and we can discuss your options and eligibility.

Taking Courses

Do I need to book my Lorry Driver theory and practical tests separately?
No, these can be arranged by us as part of your training, ask about our packages.

Will I get a chance to practise for the theory test?
Yes, we can provide all necessary revision material and will offer use of our designated training facilities or an online facility. We also have tutor’s who can support you if required.

How old do I need to be to take a course?
The minimum age for a candidate to undertake LGV training of any category is 18 years of age.

Do I need a provisional licence if I already hold a current driver licence?
Yes, you will need a provisional entitlement for the specific category of licence you wish to gain. If you currently hold a category B licence (car) you will be required to have an LGV medical before you can apply for any provisional entitlements. We are able to include this as part of our support package and a Doctor carries out medicals at our training centre every month.

Where can I practise the manoeuvring exercises of the test?
You will be able to practise those exercises on one of our manoeuvring areas right here at our training centre.

Where are the local driving test routes?
Our training centre is situated in the middle of the various test routes less than a mile from the test centre itself.

What happens if I fail the theory or practical test?
You will be able to retake the test with or without further support or training.

Do you train people individually or in a group?
We can train people individually or in small groups. Most people find that training alongside another trainee is the most economic use of time.

Do you offer refresher courses?
Yes. Refresher courses are tailored to the individual’s needs and abilities.

Will my test be carried out by my instructor?
Your instructor will accompany you to the DVSA Test Centre for your test appointment. The test will be conducted by a DVSA registered examiner.

Can you offer training on weekends?
We offer some Saturday training where specifically required.

How do I arrange my medical examination?
We can arrange your medical examination for you at our training centre. We offer this as part of a package or as a single entity.

Location Facilities

Where will I train?
We have a fully equipped off road flat tarmac training area by our head office in Exeter, Devon. There is a map and address here. We can also come to you for mobile plant training (except for CPCS courses) and train on your premises if the facilities and plant are suitable. Contact us to discuss your individual needs, and whether you premises will be a suitable area to conduct training.

Is there parking?
Yes, plenty. Our centre also has a restaurant on-site along with other facilities.

I need accommodation, where can I stay?
We recommend a number of guest houses in the area, and you can either contact them directly or we are happy to arrange accommodation for you.